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fh2 sync pamelas workout free run mode
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Author fh2 sync pamelas workout free run mode
I have setup a clock out on output 3 of fh2 into clock input of pams workout. I can't seem to figure out the correct setting in the web ui for fh2 to accomplish the syncing between the two with pams workout in free run mode.
I was able to sync pams in free run mode fine with the sync tool in silent way.
So how would I achieve the same sync over pams workout with the fh2 and web ui programmer?
The FH-2's default configuration has outputs 7 & 8 set up for DINsync which is directly compatible with Pam's.
EDIT - the below settings did not actually work for me. Running a BPM of 164, Pamela set to a ppqn of 24, and the settings described below. The FH-2 was showing the right tempo on its screen but Pamela was sometimes showing a tempo of about 70 and other times, when I tried to tweak things to fix it, it would shoot up to 300. My clock was being output from an FHX-1 expander, the 3rd expander in my chain, I believe from a 0-10v output. I tried with and without the use of the secondary Run signal.

Are these settings right? Or does anything about my attempt sound off base? Perhaps expander can't be trusted for this sensitive duty?

******* Original post below *********

So, to clarify for future readers - the necessary settings for outputting 24 ppqn are:

- Clock Base: 1/64T,
- Multiplier: 1
- Length: 50% PW
- Shift: 0

Those same settings apply to both the Clock and Run/Start outputs, if both are needed.

Os, please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just pulling these settings from a random <Empty> config on FH-2.
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