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String recommendations (cello, viola, violin, etc.)
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Author String recommendations (cello, viola, violin, etc.)
Into the Void
It's been quite a while since I searched for realistic string samples/software and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations? It would definitely need to be under $500 or so. I had been using the strings on the M-Tron just because I liked how lo-fi they sounded but I'd like to have some more "realistic" options too.

Or if this has been covered before point me to the thread(s), I searched and didn't see anything. Thanks.
Check out the Audio Modeling SWAM engine instruments. The engine is a hybrid of physical modeling and sampling. Add an MPE controller and you have some of the most expressive strings I have come across. I believe the the string bundle which includes violin, viola, cello, and double bass is < $400.
Into the Void
Thank you, these look (and sound) great.
Spitfire Audio.
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