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Inconsistent Trigs - Voltage Block
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Author Inconsistent Trigs - Voltage Block
I've just swapped my Turing Machine for a Voltage Block, but I'm finding my tried and tested clocking method isn't working with the VB. I use a combination of MPC1000 + Ladik M210 to create a steady stream of trigs. This worked fine for the TM, but the VB is randomly missing a lot of the trigs. I'm guessing that the trigs the Ladik is outputting are somehow inconsistent in terms of voltage? Interestingly I can fix the problem by taking the Ladik output either to Rampage or my 2hp Burst Generator, and then using the output from either of those modules to clock the VB. I've also tested the trigs with various other modules, and they don't miss a single one?

First question, whats going on?

Second question; is there an inexpensive, small hp module I could get to 'condition' the trigs, and do what Rampage and the 2hp are doing?

I changed the subject on this, as given everything else in my case responds perfectly to the Ladik's trigs, the issue must be with the Voltage Block.

I was also thinking that it could be the trig lengths that could be inconsistent?

Any help/ideas appreciated.
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