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Notation / composition on iOS
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Author Notation / composition on iOS
Hi all

I find the process of capturing my ideas at the piano onto manuscript painful - I think I’ve got both a short attention span and poor memory! So it turns into a creative block.

I’ve got a a Yamaha avantgrande (has midi in / out). ideally there would be a super simple to use iPad app that captures midi, edits in notation form, quantising, looping, export of midi and pdfs.

It’s a few years since I’ve searched for this but it seems there’s now apps out there’s that might do some of this - Notion, Symphony pro, etc. Any recommendations?
I use xequence for something similar, however it doesn't do notation form or PDF export. I have found it the easiest to work with for longer compositions.

You could always use it and export midi then use something like musescore for notation edits and pdfs.

Notion looks cool but pricey. There's a whole bunch of "almost but not quite" apps on ios I find.
I have Notion that is installed on my Mac and my PC, but as my scoring tool is today the software of CAD (Composition Computer Aided)
Opusmodus on Mac, but I use especially Notion on my Ipad Pro (but the first versions always turn on my old Ipad 1 and 2) to either write down my ideas for a composition, or to record examples when I read a book of music, musicology, including examples of contemporary music. I acquired all the "bundles" to have a variety of orchestral instrument timbres but we can very well work with the basic version on IOS which comes to 16.99 euros in Europe and $ 14.99 in the USA. The export is effective either in file Notion to be worked on the software version, in PDF with all the parts, in parts PDF, in Music XML to be worked in a score editor, in midi, in audio in the formats wave and AAC . For 15 dollars, both for the writing of which changes in metrics, tempo, keys, articulations, dynamics, etc.) and its export possibilities, I find that it is quite correct. For example, I captured the entire Opus 22 Webern I was working on for a musical analysis.
Note that Notion, both software version and IOS version can write in quater-tone with native instruments and read the microtonal adjustments in audio. The piece below was written with the Ipad Mini 4:
Thanks both for your pointers - I’m experimenting with both notion and Xequence with some success.

Opusmodus looks incredibly powerful, definitely something I’ll come back to.
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