FH-2 vs ES-8 - which to buy?

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FH-2 vs ES-8 - which to buy?

Post by fowl » Sun May 26, 2019 3:30 pm


I'm a bit confused about the meaningful differences between these two similar modules and wondered if anyone could chip in with some experience/advise with them?

I am looking for a module that will enable me to integrate Serge, Buchla and traditional 5 pin midi synths into EITHER a DAW, OCTATRACK (5 pin midi out) or iPAD sequencing set up. well when I say either I mean - I'd like to ideally do all three.

I liked how with silent way that you could pretty much configure midi/cv scaling from any vintage synth...and am assuming that has been ported to FH-2. as has the LFO's, polyphony and scala uploadable tunings.

A friend swears by the ES-8 - for both multi-channel recording of his modular from DAW without need for a soundcard and for sync'ing with Ableton.

I don't use Ableton myself - but am assuming that it will work fine with Pro Tools which is my DAW of choice.

For live shows - I don't use PT but would either take midi clock to my synths from Octatrack or use an Ipad sequencer (via lightning connector ).

On the superbooth video - Andrew suggests that the older Es-8 would have more solid timing as its clocking is via sample accurate audio and not midi -- but if using FH-2 with something like a Digitakt (not sure that extends to older 5 pin din midi sequencers like my octatrack?) then it would be tighter than on a DAW.

So which one to get?


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Post by os » Mon May 27, 2019 3:25 am

If you want to work without a DAW, your only option is the FH-2.

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Post by Funky40 » Mon May 27, 2019 11:03 am

i have both.
What os ( the master) sayed !

In your case you want to go for the FH-2.
You can use it with the Octatrack, the DAW, and .....i have no ipad, but thats just a thing of adding another connector/adapter to connect.

ES-8 for audio streams, or CV streams ( not as a midi data stream! but quasi as a DC coupled audio stream )
I can record my CVs with the Es-8 to ITB. ( .wav files) And play them back from there.
For example loaded into a sampler (-ITB) and been triggered from within ITB or from external gear by midi.
The FH-2 would record a midi stream when the data would be sent to ITB, NOT a "audio file"* ( * .wav or .aiff file).
you could not load that midi data into a sampler for example.....and you had to convert the midi data back to CV when played back........

totally different use cases
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