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We started a modular duo Kylarks with my wife: first concert
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Author We started a modular duo Kylarks with my wife: first concert
We have started a modular band with my wife! We've just got wedded a week before the concert and the moderator told that during our introduction - and the crowd started shouting "Kiss, kiss, kiss!", so it was kind of cute opening of the show:).

We were asked to provide a name of a band before our yesterday concert at scout festival Obrok (with more than 2 000 scouts). It was our first show together - and Kylarks were created. (it is a czech - english wordplay on our surnames - Skylark = Skřivan we are Křivánci, so we are Kylarks)

And the concert was great! We were on a huge stage with professional lights and sound. It was raining, but still many people stayed - and what we were able to see, they danced and had fun. Even though we did not hear ourselves well on the stage, so weren't sure how the music was, people came to us after the show and told us they liked the music - so it was probably fine!

We do not have a recording of the show itself so this video is a recording of part of the improvised rehearsal in the morning (it is not polished and perfect, we can hear several areas for improvement already). We added a few short videos from the show itself.

If you would like to follow us on facebook, here is our page -

And this is a youtube channel: (there are also some more videos we recorded in the recent past)

Fog Door
This is cool and so sweet, matching tops and everything! Good for you smile
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