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FHX-8GT killing power to whole bus
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Author FHX-8GT killing power to whole bus
I recently received a new FHX-8GT from an online retailer. New as in not used, i am the first owner of said module. I am 99.99% certain that this little bugger has something seriously wrong with it, as it is a kiss of death on any rack I install it in.

Essentially, if it is connected to power, the power supply and entire connected bus will not turn on. The +12v rail light does not illuminate on the supply and no module powers up. As soon as I disconnect the FHX-8GT, everything is back to normal.

I've tried it with two different Tiptop uZeus's, a 4ms Row Power 40, and an Intellijel TPS Max power supply. I even went so far as to have it being literally the only module on the bus and it always exhibited the exact same behavior, whether connected to an FH-2 or not. All jumpers are removed from the headers and I've tried it with a couple of different ribbon cables. The power connections are keyed on both ends so I don't think I'm screwing that up.

Is this kind of insta-kill behavior something that could be caused by a short in the module somewhere or something? And more importantly, how can I resolve this madness?

Sounds like a short, though that's very surprising as every module is tested before it goes out.

You'll need to return it, either to the store or to me.
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