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Quatrax organ
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Author Quatrax organ
Who has one? Let's see some video!

All I've seen of it is someone listing one for sale on FB.
I haven´t seen one either, I think someone had one on sale on BST too...
I have one for sale. It’s the first one ever made. I’d love to put up a video but my computer is on the fritz. The beauty of it is you can get into both sid and tet textures with it. You can save half of it for fm/chaos and the other half for melodies.

The timbre knob is great. With it patched or chaos knob turned up, the timbre knob opens up all sorts of layers of sound, timbres I’ve never heard in cl land. With it unpatched, it does change the waveform from saw to sine to triangle. Like the fm attenuators on the pb, it does influence the pitch.

It’s a fantastic instrument, and if I had more financial flexibility in my studio, I’d hold onto it. It’s just I don’t have the cash to have a diverse studio and I have a few cl pieces already. If you have other questions, feel free to ask.
I’d love to put up a video but my computer is on the fritz.

I think we'd settle for a voice recording from a Nokia brick at this point. wink
Haha, I will get a couple lame iphone videos up sometime this weekend.
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