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Papz is doing a talk and Synthi AKS performance in Sydney
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Author Papz is doing a talk and Synthi AKS performance in Sydney
Hi All, I hope it is ok to post this here for all Aussie Wigglers who might be able to get to Sydney tomorrow:

New Sound Waves Presents -
Special guest Constantin Papageorgiadis (Portabellabz, aka Papz here on Muffs) is joining us.

He will give a talk about his work, supported by several instruments and will improvise a piece on a modified Synthi AKS.

This will be a real treat as we don't see many Synthi's down this way!
Jono (jondent on Muffs) will also be there and might bring his too.

I believe we will be making a video of the event so I'll be back to post pics and video later.

See you there at 107 Projects (107 Redfern st, Redfern, NSW) from 5.30pm onwards on Saturday 1st June.

applause applause applause applause applause applause nanners nanners nanners nanners nanners
Scot Solida
You folks are so very fortunate to have this opportunity. I would love to see and hear Papz do his thing on that Synthi. That guy is a hero! we're not worthy
Look forward to seeing the footage
Was a great night - Papz is very entertaining in real life! w00t

He discussed his long history with the Synthi and also his Buchla Easel breakout boxes (and additions) and followed up with a great performance on the Synthi.

We also had a talk and demo by our own Justin of Metro Modular who has developed some fantastic new Buchla format modules (more to come on those but you can see them on the table behind him and also get a peek on one of DivKids interviews from Superbooth Berlin last month).

There was a professional video made so I'll follow that up and post a link to it in due course.
In the meantime a couple of photos from the night.


Thanks guys, was a nice event and so great to catch up with Aussie Synthi freaks Guinness ftw!
Can’t wait for my next travel to Australia, I love it !
Now in Hong Kong waiting for the flight back to Brussels.

A small patch at aread’s place in Sydney just before going to the airport this morning. Recorded quickly with a phone using the Synthi internal speakers sorry for the quality but the patch is cool.
Here is a direct audio recording of the patch done a few days later
That's a great patch! applause
Has an 'Akira' vibe
Any mods on that synthi?
thumbs up

No mod on the Synthi, it was just recapped.
Scot Solida
That patch sounds terrific. And the video is very educational... SlayerBadger!
As promised, here is the 'official' video of the event.
This one is of the performance, we have another video of the talk which should be coming soon.

Constantin Papageorgiadis (Portabellabz - aka 'Papz') Performance at 107 projects (Sydney, Australia)
NEW SOUND WAVES Modular Synth Meet Sydney, Australia 01.June.2019
Video Art by Terry Minutillo
Event Video by Alex Marshall
It was on June 1st, not July wink
Oh how I want to hear this talk!
Hope you like English spoken with a Belgian (Brussels) accent, mixed with a slight touch of Aussie. lol w00t
I sometimes feel I can understand Europeans speaking English better than American speaking English.
Scot Solida
Terrific performance. Would love to see more.

Improvising with 2 Synthis that are not mines and behave differently, plugged in a mixer that I never used before, was a fun and interesting experience, in the beginning, I couldn't get the echo working. d'oh! lol
And here is the Talk video:
Someone on our team even went to the trouble of subtitling it - so you can watch at work hihi (not a problem to understand Papz accent)

And thanks for the subtitling work ! thumbs up
This talk was fantastic and super interesting! Thanks for posting!

SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
Thanks for the links.
I really enjoyed the speech and loved the performance.
Now I'd love a Synthi ...
Thanks guys Chugging Beers
Hi Papz I really enjoyed this - thanks! And your public speaking is really good SlayerBadger!
Thank you Momo !
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