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Buchla 700 Launch fun (no music)
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Author Buchla 700 Launch fun (no music)
Clearing out my office and came across some old Buchla 700 documents and such. Thought, with the occasional interest here about this instrument, you might enjoy seeing this.

Actually, I have a stack of things - books, cds, etc. Still trying to figure out how to move them out but that is another story.

This is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing w00t
Wowowow, amazing and hilarious lol

The 700 is one of the only Buchla instruments I can’t seem to find any original documentation about. If you have any other brochures/manuals/etc I know I personally would love to see them!

Wow, this is hilarious.

I wonder what the "Maiden Voyage Ports Of Call" means, are this maybe preorders?
There is this story that a late Buchla with a computer screen to set it up, is one of the very few if not the only Buchla that made it to Switzerland during the pre-200e years. Apparently the owner handed it down to his apprentice (it wasn't a music related business), which at the some point struggled with mental health issues and so the Buchla probably ended up in the garbage. sad banana
So with Port: Zurich, this would make sense.
Buchla myths.
I think your assumption may be mostly correct.
I can vouch for at least one of those ports.
Awesome, thanks!
The date of the "grand launching" is the date of the KPFA broadcast, and of course the sake factory is where the event took place:

The "wireless frequency" stated is the KPFA frequency—still curious about the "ports of call," could be rebroadcast areas?

Would be cool to know, perhaps there were indeed places where instruments were destined to go as LVU suggested.
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