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Small 212 based system, room for one more module?
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Author Small 212 based system, room for one more module?
A question for those of you with experience with small 212 based systems:
After a couple of years of my 212 based system sitting in a temporary frame I put together, I finally built a (hopefully) permanent home for it, 2 rows x 5 units.
Top: 258, 212
Bottom: 245, 257, BLANK, 277
Separate: 216

What would YOU add - I'm looking something that will lend variety or WOW to a patch.

Obvious ideas I've thought of:
Add another 258
Add a 294 comb filter
Swap 258 for 259

Less obvious:
Move 245 to a combined case with the 216 and add a lot!

What am I not thinking of that your experience suggests?
Hey christie !

I'm in a very similar boat—I just finished up a 10U system myself with a very similar complement of modules:

Top: 258 & 212
Bottom: 258, 216,257

The one point I thought would cause me grief was not having any voltage controllable pulse sources—but honestly, I've been having a lot of fun personally just seeing what this set of things wants to do of its own accord. I'm having fun exploring with this for now, but I personally would love to add a 281...for the CV-able pulse source and CV-able envelope combo. Of course, the 245 can take care of part of that too smile

Honestly though if you're just looking to fill that one extra space—I'd prioritize another 258 (or other 1-space oscillator if you're not trying to stick with that "era" of module).

Hard to go wrong with that set of things—cool to see someone with a relatively similar setup.

Guinness ftw!

258 - when I use a "keyboard" I do often find myself wanting another "voice" - I usually end up using noise through the bandpass filter or setting up a feedback patch, but yeah sometimes I want more.

245 - yes, I often use it as a modulation source, also varying the pulser time, or sort of an envelopey source. That's why I hesitate to move it out into a separate case with the 216. It makes the system by itself a lot less interesting and self playing. Plus by pairing it with a keyboard I might think of it as mostly a pitch source.

I highly recommend the 277 for your small 212 system. Endless rhythmic variations and goodness
258 or 25s for more sounds at the same time or a control module such as a 281 or 266 to randomize and generate more CV control.

That's two votes for more sounds. I think that's where I'm headed.

But I also agree with more random and or more envelopes or looping functions. But now that the 216 is calibrated and working reliably, at least I have 3 human controlled envelopes on the left hand side.

Other things I miss from other systems - clock division without wasting an envelope (or stealing the 245 stage pulses), wave folding, sample and hold.
Going with a 158, for now at least. Pretty straightforward way to see how much I use the additional oscillators and gives some variety compared to the 258.
2TT from northern light is extremely useful for clock division/multiplication.
Agreed! Looks super cool - and I've always wanted a pendulum/ratchet...

Maybe for the next one though? This guy sort of has a fixed aesthetic...

my vote is for the'll add a lot of possibilities shaping sounds you have already, as opposed to adding a complete different voice. I believe a lot of 212 based old systems had comb filters for that reason!
If you want to stay "historically true" (i.e. only stay with modules which were available at the time), i would vote for a second 258. This 212 need more source !

Or if you want to go "more officiency" i would go like this :
258 + 212 on top
258 + 254v + 245 + CV toolbox 244 + 277 on bottom.

Question though, do you really need a voltage processor in such a small system ? Do you really need the 277 ? Maybe removing 277 and replace it by 294 ? (or both and replace with 295/296 ?).
Ooh, 158 was a great idea! This system looks like a blast, christie!

And I think you’re right about the 277–seems like an awful lot of fun in that context.

Guinness ftw!
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