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nein oh nein kick no Attack
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Author nein oh nein kick no Attack
Hi to all, I just finished my nein oh nein Kick and all is working good except for the attack, it doesn't work, don't do nothing.

I trace the noise with the Oscilloscope, and I noticed a few things but I don't know that they are normal or not.

1.- In the out of the optional part for the noise, the noise is negative and positive voltage, this is normal. But in the Raw out the noise is only in positive, not in negative range.

2.- Ok, I trace Raw to R53 where the noise go out reduced to R58 and C14.

3.- After that, the signal of the noise go to R54 and after that; the noise dissapear.

I trace all the circuit for the Attack with the continuity test with the multimeter until IC2a and all is connected, I resolder the joints again, but it doesn't work.

Any Idea or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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