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VCV Rack ES-4(0) encoder only input 5 works?
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Author VCV Rack ES-4(0) encoder only input 5 works?
I'm trying to wire up VCV Rack to send CVs out of my ES-4 module

The only way I can get any signal through is by wiring the second-to-last jack to output 2 of the SPDIF device and the last jack to output 1. To put it another way, of the two jacks at the very bottom of the orange plugin UI, the top one goes to the right channel, and the bottom one goes to the left channel. This is opposite what i would expect, but is it correct?

The only input that is working is number 5. I can see an LFO changing the brightness of the LED (on the physical ES-4). When I change the virtual patch cord coming out of my LFO to go into number 4 instead of 5, the left LED stays bright and there are no brightness changes.

Any idea what might be going on? it's very strange
I am worried my unit is broken, is there anything you can suggest for troubleshooting this, Os?
I would use the Silent Way plug-in to verify the hardware.

The Rack encoder is really designed more for the ES-40. It will drive the ES-4, but it's not really set up for easy control of the ES-4's own outputs, it's more for use with the ESX-8CV and ESX-8GT expanders.
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