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iPad and iPhone DAW (and NLE) integration
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Author iPad and iPhone DAW (and NLE) integration
There are some apps that enable direct audio/MIDI connections to Windows or Mac computers via standard charging cable, Studiomux is the most popular I think. The advantage of Studiomux over the native Apple solution (only with a Mac of course) is that you can attach and remove iDevices without breaking the DAW/plugin setup. Studiomux is more musician friendly, also for Mac users.

- Studiomux: multiple stereo channels in/out, MIDI in/out, OSC in/out
- Midimux: same as Studiomux, without audio
- ModStep: pattern sequencer with Studiomux built in

You can attach an old iPhone for example and use it for effects only. An old iPad as oscilloscope. And all this simultaneously. There are people, not many, who use several iDevices together with their computer DAW. It's a very nice option I think. Essentially you turn your iDevice into a hardware plugin platform with an excellent touchscreen.

Mounted near your DAW computer, these iDevices can be of great help, as they extend your screen real estate considerably (no floating plugin windows on your main screen). Intuitive direct control of parameters of apps that are made for touchscreens is a huge advantage.

Another thought is money. Not few desktop apps, be it effects or synths, are available as iOS versions as well, and they are all in the 1-20 $ range, while the desktop versions cost much more. The good thing is you can demo the desktop version, and if you like it you can buy the iOS version.

A word about Lemur, Studiomux is also able to transmit and receive Open Sound Control data (OSC), which makes it possible to run Lemur templates that use OSC without wifi. Makes things easier, less work with setting up a session where Lemur or other OSC apps are included, and is most welcome for computers sans wireless card.

Off topic, but in case you already have one or more iPads rigidly mounted in your studio for music applications, I also want to mention the brilliant Tangent Vs app that emulates all four Tangent Elements hardware controllers. The app is 100 $, doesn't have the tactile feel of the hardware of course, but has the same functionality. Every professional video application supports Tangent Elements, so you can use it for DaVinci Resolve, Premiere, Nucoda, etc., and also for Capture One (one of the main reasons why I chose Capture One over Lightroom). I have two old iPads mounted above my large Wacom tablet, just below my main screen, and they serve very well for fast colour correction and labelled shortcut access when I'm doing video and photo editing. In certain cases I add my iPad Pro, to have three dedicated Tangent Elements control panels at the same time. You don't know how many hidden features of a pro software you've missed until you see them right in front of your eyes thanks to these Tangent Elements panels.

Just to avoid confusion, Tangent Vs works only with a wifi network. It does not work with Studiomux or other wired connection.

I work with Tangent Vs since years. It is very stable, and is a no-setup app, meaning once you have connected your iPad(s) to the Tangent Mapper application on your computer, the app connects automatically to your NLE any time, also while the NLE is already running.
I have thought about adding an iPad to my setup many times but I always step back when I remember all the BS you have to do to simply transfer files betweem the iPad and the computer, and the constant reliance on wifi.
Wifi doesn't belong in my studio... using any networking on a computer running a DAW introduces MIDI clock jitter. I remember ( a few years back) spending hours trying to figure out if it's possible to use Lemur with a USB connection and getting nowhere.

And of course there is shiTunes....

Is there a 100% wired setup these days? Are there any 3rd party apps for simple file transfer over USB? Jailbreak still possible?
Panason wrote:
Is there a 100% wired setup these days? Are there any 3rd party apps for simple file transfer over USB? Jailbreak still possible?

I use an iPad for the great synth apps on it, which are really amazing and nowhere near the cost of their desktop counterparts. I also occasionally use it for sequencing external gear. I rarely run into any issue interfacing it with my "old school" wired gear. AFAIK the only wireless music gear for an iPad are Bluetooth 'MIDI' keyboards. Everything else MIDI will go through a wired MIDI interface (or an audio interface with MIDI) through USB to the Lightning port (using the dongle -- this is a new USB dongle, which includes a secondary Lightning port to keep your iPad charged... not the old 'SD Camera Kit' USB dongle).

For file transfer, native disk drive (including hard drives, USB sticks, SD cards, etc in FAT and Mac formats) support is coming in a couple months with iOS 13. Right now with iOS 12 it does still require connecting to iTunes on a Mac to transfer files. The one thing I haven't been able to figure out is if iOS 13 will mount my iPad as an external drive if I plug it into my Mac, so I can directly transfer files between the two computers without an intermediate external drive.

Jailbreak: No. That hasn't been a viable option for a long, long time and iOS has basically added nearly everything that jailbreak was good for back in the day (especially with the upcoming iOS 13, it's probably the biggest update in the history of the platform).
Good to know, thanks
The mind boggles at why they have taken so many fucking years to integrate their idevices with the Finder. WTF does a shitty music app (iTunes) has to do with managing a phone or a tablet.....
Jailbreaking is about having root access to the full filesystem on a device you own...
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