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Itai - Awake / Asleep
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Author Itai - Awake / Asleep

Awake / Asleep attempts to find that elusive place between wakefulness and sleep. As the first song fades into a crescendo, the sound seems to fill the room with thick frequencies, that are as organic as they are mechanical, while Itai’s vocals eventually find their way into the mix as if to find a human voice within the machine.

Bio: Itai is a multi-instrumentalist and analogue electronic-music composer. Piecing together fragments of moments that otherwise would be forever lost, he uses an analogue modular synthesizer which he has spent countless hours assembling. The result is a musical portal into worlds that disappear as quickly as they form. In an age where technology has made music into a commodity, Itai tries to capture the ephemeral nature of analogue electronic music by suspending moments that will never form again.

Instruments: Analog Modular Synthesizer: Moog, Noise Engineering, Make Noise, Malekko Heavy Industries, Mutable Instruments, Retro Mechanical Labs, Bastl Instruments, Pittsburgh Modular Acoustic Instruments: Piano (Lovesick Bombs), acoustic guitar (Gimme Candy), drums (Adream)

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