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VESA mount an ARP 2600?
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Author VESA mount an ARP 2600?
VESA TV mounts are cheap, should be easy to have a secure mounted 2600 using the same.
seems simple enough, has anyone tried it?
I am not sure if the case would withstand it. It's fairly heavy. Seems like a shelf would be a better idea...
You'd have to securely attach the synth somehow or attach a shelf to the VESA mount.

VESA mounts are my thing. Some of them are made for big TVs so they should be fine. Having gear like floating in the air is cool, and those swivel brackets are so handy. For limited desktop space and no budget for special studio furniture they're just the ticket.

The Peak is on a laptop swivel bracket (which doubles as a VESA thing)- there's a raised lip at the bottom that stops the synth from sliding off.

You can get these laptop shelves separately and attach them to a VESA mount or just use a piece of wooden board and screw a couple of rubber door stops at the bottom or create a lip with some more wood and wood glue.

personally I wouldn't. I know they're strong enough to hold TV's which are heavier and larger. but if it breaks, you can get a TV tomorrow from Amazon, for about 1/10th the price of what 2600's go for these days. mine sits on a strong wire shelving unit which is about 6" from the wall, so the 2600 can be tilted against the wall and held firmly in place.
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