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Casio SK1 - Realistic Concertmate 500 MOD ?
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Author Casio SK1 - Realistic Concertmate 500 MOD ?
Hi Guys,

is there any Casio SK1 advanced user here ?

I have one of them, which i use to use quite a lot, however i have never modded it.

Seems that there is some unbeliveable mods for it, but which one really worth a shot ?
I have a half-finished bent SK-1 here.
There's some decent diagrams detailing all the bend points floating around the net (also on the SK-1 yahoo group).
Basically you can bring a dozen or so pcb points out to switches/knobs or even a patchbay.

The first mod you do, of course, is the reset switch (bending will crash/freeze it now and then).

Really must get around to finishing mine d'oh!
mine is still at my parent's house untouched smile

This is my point of reference, so far all I've done with mine is the midi conversion from Highly Liquid.
Midi conversion would be cool, especially if you circuit bend it.

My 2cents on circuit bending.. Don't go overboard. 36 pachpoints and 555 oscillators etc...I think it gets to the point of diminishing returns pretty quickly. Its not like adding more switches is the same as adding more modules to your modular synth. I'd aim for adding 10 or so switches to the case, leave it clean. With 10 switches there are way way many odd noises you can tweak out of it. My SK is bent like this. 12 (I think) switches. And lots of times it ends up frozen. So yeah put in the battery cut-off switch. SK1 is great for bending, probably the most documented piece out there besides the speak and spell.. great sounds come out of the thing.

If you can add a pot in there to control the clock rate, that would be something I'd do for sure..
Try not to fry the sampling feature!! (I did : (
Use 30ga wire wrap wire so it can be done neatly inside..

I'm curious, will the SK safely take modular-level signals into any of the bend points?

I would try it myself, but, er, I don't want to fry it.
I doubt it.. and I believe that as a fully digital instrument, there are few places where LFO's for example would result in much goodness.. I may be wrong of course.. But, trigger pulses or maybe gates could be cool Id bet. Squarewaves/pulsewaves might be an interesting ingredient also..?

Id definitely put nothing more than 5V in. I'd start with 3v and go from there.

If you could scope out some signals inside the machine, you'd have a better idea of what's doing what inside and could then feed it similar things..

have fun
The mods in the Gazhala's book are great!! I 've made on mine and now it's a terrible machine
stk wrote:
I'm curious, will the SK safely take modular-level signals into any of the bend points?

I would try it myself, but, er, I don't want to fry it.
12v I am unsure. 15v will may be a fry. I accidentally hit a bend with 12v when I grabbed the wrong alligator cable. It didn't kill it but it froze the unit. These things are a little more accident friendly. The Yamaha counterparts are unforgiving though.
The mods in the Gazhala's book are great!!

What what ? which book ? me is interested It's peanut butter jelly time!
This is THE BOOK from Reed Ghazala: ech/dp/0764588877

You can also buy it in a good library! the amazon link is just for information.

I 've used the mods described in this book for the Casio SK1/ Concermate500 . I also used the extreme pitch mod described on by Spunkytoofer. For the pitch mod you have to buy an LTC1799 chip and connect it at some points on the board ( very good schematics on getlofi :

With this mods you can have a good extreme noise maker!!!!

nice ! Thanks Julien !
hey guys check these diagrams i found these when i was bending an sk1 last year. hopefully it helps!

Good luck man and have fun when its done.

Just for iformation i've tried this switch corrections and found that's doesn't work as fine as the Ghazala's initial schematics.

I've got two of these waiting in the wings to get bent.

One's in bad shape- needs some TLC to get it back to 100% before bending, and the other one is golden. I spent a bit of time reliving my youth plunking away on that keyboard.

I do want to make the patchbay, and I keep seeing all these guys using the RCA stuff to do it. I kind of want to use the 1/8" connectors, now that they're so prevalent with Eurorack. That way I don't have to try to find or make a bunch of RCA patch cables.

Also taking a page or two from the bent ones already out there- I really like the reverse colour keys a couple of guys have done- just not sure how wacky to get with it. I'd love to put some 80's style wood grain finish pieces on it. Or go all the way with neon.
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