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Ordered one of these today
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Author Ordered one of these today

Nice simple little rig for sub £200 - about the average price of a Euro module these days

The VCO is Hz/V not 1V/Oct.

The makers say:

The Rota-Synth is a desktop 8-step analogue sequencer, coupled with a monophonic, true analogue synthesizer. It does not use a keyboard like a conventional synth, but instead generates musical sequences and sound effects that you program in real time.

Use it to create rapidly repeating musical phrases, grungy riffs, retro computer game effects, rolling basslines, off-the-wall rhythmic patterns, dub sirens, weird sci-fi effects, plus sounds yet undiscovered....

No clumsy menus to wade through - just switch on and go. You get full, hands-on control via knobs and switches.

Sequencer Section

There are separate pitch controls, toggle switches and yellow LED indicators for each step - creating sequences is fast and easy. The Sequence Length switch lets you change the number of steps in a sequence "on the fly"; great for improvisation in live performances.

You can synchronize the sequences to any electronic musical instrument that has a MIDI CLOCK output (just connect with a standard 5-pin DIN MIDI lead).

You can also sync. the sequence to a computer running music software which outputs MIDI Clock, in which case you will need an optional USB to MIDI lead (available on eBay).

PLEASE NOTE: the RS-1's MIDI Sync. input will only respond to MIDI CLOCK, START and STOP commands - it is not possible to control the actual pitch of notes with MIDI.

A 0 - 5.7V control voltage output is provided, along with a +5V gate output, for driving other analogue equipment such as synths and drum machines.

Synthesizer section

FULLY ANALOGUE voltage-controlled oscillator, with triangle and square wave outputs. No glitchy digital oscillators here! Huge frequency range, tuneable from a few Hz. to almost ultrasonic frequencies.

Full frequency modulation of the VCO by a low-frequency oscillator, for anything from a simple vibrato to devastating hyper-modulation! Waveshape control for even greater versatility - create whoops, ultra-slow sweeps and trills.

Turn up the Glide control a little to slide smoothly from one note to another - perfect for dreamy, melodic sequences. Turn it up further, and you are in the Twilight Zone!

Two square-wave sub-octaves can be mixed with the VCO's output for a fuller, fatter sound, perfect for basslines and organ-like effects.

True analogue state-variable filter for "Moog" (TM) style effects, with manual sweep. Selectable Bandpass or Lowpass response.

Sounds good.

I'll provide more feedback once I have it in my grubby little hands.

looks interesting smile
Hi Jez,

Potentially. Has a reasonable good sound from the video's and having just sold an old bass guitar I thought, why not grin
I'll get some audio together over the weekend with a full review
would be interesting to know if the notes can be quantised, doesn't look like it from the vids, but could still be fun smile
Maybe I am dumb, but I cannot find a proper link to the company's page for this machine. I am curious about ordering information and price...

I think they only sell them on ebay, but there are none available at the moment, they seem to sell for £185
Looks fun, interested in the sequencer.

The Floyd patch in the 1st demo is cool too.
Jez is correct on the Ebay sales and price.
Looks pretty cool, something fun to play with. lol
sounds good - looks fun too
Fun indeec smile nice!
As promised by the seller, next day delivery.

Can't really play with it here at work so I'll save that for tonight.

Comments - Very well packed in plastic then bubble wrap and then surrounded by little green wotzits.

Comes with a manual and a mains adapter much like I got with my blackberry, i.e. you plug your countries adapter on to the transformer.

Very smart looking package.

I'd buy one if only to add cv/gate options to it and document. smile
anyone want to buy one for me? for the good of muff kind?!

I'm gunna take a stab at it.. but i bet you could easily add External Clock input via the toggle switch assuming the internal clock isn't generated internally from the microcontroller that is doing the midi input processing.

But if the toggle switch for switching between Midi IN and Internal clock is simply setting a mode state for the microcontroller then kinda screwed there...

But other CV stuff should be available assuming it truly is analog!

C'mon peeps lets get hacking. ^_^
oooh pretty.. can't wait to hear some better demos. Those were pushing into territory my ears weren't digging so much. But I love the look of it.
I just couldn't help myself. Total 355.70.
I'm loving all these little boxes that are floating around. I swear a new one pops up every week! This one looks like fun!

I dunno. I don't see any EG, and the LFO only modulates the VCO?
no ENV's ???

I guess that's why it's cheap.

I assume then the seq doesn't have legato either..
dougcl wrote:
I dunno. I don't see any EG, and the LFO only modulates the VCO?

This why why you gotta get one and modify it! smile modularize it.
Sorry but I've had no time to get some audio down. However initial thoughts:

No EG - correct, however subtle use of the glide can add some psudo attack characteristics.

The LFO, quite nice triangle and square with wave shape but only effects the VCO and not the VCF which is a bad omission. Nice use of the LFO apart from wobbly pitch effects is set a slow square with a touch of depth for a transpose of the sequence.

The VCF is nice, the BP is unlike any other BP filter I have and I need to investigate more, the LP mode is cool with a fizzy resonance - not a screamer - thus I miss the lack of LFO on the cut off.

VCO is pretty basic, triangle and square. The output mixer however gives two sub-Osc levels for a rich sound. Minor niggle is that whilst full ccw on the sub's kills the signal there is still a low audio out which the VCO volume is turned off.

Last little test was using the CV & trigger outs to drive by Bugbrand frame and that worked well.

So a few niggles but a lot more to do and I will get some audio up this week.

I ordered on Monday and it arrived yesterday and had much fun with it last night making strange sounds

it really isn't suited for tuned stuff as the knobs have far too large a range and are far too sensitive to tune easily

but once you just try tweaking them til they sound good and stick it through some effects it sounds pretty nice

also with the sequencer off or on full speed it's nice for weird drones and fx
Glad you like it Jez.

As I mentioned to you there are a couple of oddities on mine and I was wondering if yours is identical:

Applying LFO to the filter - not an option
CV out for the sequencer is affected buy the VCO, hence also the LFO

No LFO to filter on mine, but that's the design surely?

Not tried CV out yet, will report back in due course
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