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Antumbra Smog Is It Supposed To Run Hot?
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Author Antumbra Smog Is It Supposed To Run Hot?
Hi Guys,

just built 2x Antumbra Smog modules, and in testing them, I notice that the "Brain" board on both gets pretty hot when they're doing their thing.

It's not quite too hot to touch the back of the module, but it's it's pretty warm, particularly under the MCU, but also under where I assume the voltage-regulator lives, on the other side of the board.

Everything seems to work 100% on both modules, but I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed their getting hot, in the same way.
Incidentally, while I used the specified red/green and yellow LEDs for one build, I swapped them for red/blue multi-colour 3mm LEDs, a blue 5mm Freeze indicator and blue jack-light LEDs on the other.

Looks great!

If anyone else is thinking of doing the same, I found it necessary to swap the 8 resistors for the 4x 3mm LEDs from 68r to 4.99k, and used 10k, rather than the specified 180r for the 3 jack-lights, to avoid eye-searing brightness.

The big LED was surprisingly dim already, so I left the default resistor (68r, from memory) in place.
Do you have part references for mouser or alike?
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