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[Single] A Journey Into Resonance
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Author [Single] A Journey Into Resonance
Here is one of the tracks I think I will include on my upcoming EP... First try at making synthwave using Octatrack and OB-6.

Sorry for my mastering, I've never really learned much about it... Just dropped a few inserts plus a limiter after watching a 4 minute video.


Fog Door
Sorry for my mastering

Sounds cool to me. Good track, often synthwave that features guitars has the most histrionic OTT guitar sound possible (Ultraboss, Night Runner) which is good in small doses but becomes grating really quickly. I like how the guitar on your track has a similar flavour but is a little more subdued. Just my opinion of course cool
Thanks mate I’ll take all the criticism I can. It’ll be the only synthwavey track on the album (concept album), which was completely inspired single handedly by me downloading a synthwavey drum sample lol.

I honestly wouldn’t have made the guitar sound so “solo-ey” if I didn’t have the volume cranked up while fiddling with the OT... main thing I need to practice. You can hear when I hold that note for a while as I’m pushing buttons and tried to make it sound musical once I remembered I was playing guitar...

Otherwise I try to treat it like a violin / traditional instrument just distorted, like when the small break comes with the pads. Then of course there’s the crunchy power chords at the end. Luckily the guitar was recorded on a separate channel from the OT so I can change it up over time.

Never listened to those artists I’ll take a listen now. I just really enjoyed the jam itself so I recorded it. It’ll progress nicely over time I think. I’m going to pay to have a local recording studio master my EP... I don’t have the time to practice and learn pro level mastering. EP won’t be to my liking for another year I’m sure... Only have 2 skeleton songs so far, this being one of them.
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