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Tap Tempo Arduino with tempo multiplication
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Author Tap Tempo Arduino with tempo multiplication
I was reading the other day how two synth enthusiasts were playing together and all they received was a tempo to be used by both so they would play in sync with each-other.
That made me think about how I would do that, and came to the next idea:
First I would need a tap tempo module that takes the tempo pulse and shape it in something I can use within my own synth, so I decided on creating a 20 mSec pulse (that can easily be changed into another value) at every leading edge of the tempo signal.
Then calculate the time between consecutive pulses and calculate the time-slot for 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 measure.
I have made a short video, mind you: this is a project under construction but I was very happy with the first results that I just had to show it, just a bare Arduino Nano, no pulse shaping, no input nor output resistors...
To be added is a switch to set the tempo manually (a 'real' tap tempo) and also now when the input pulse stops, the output pulses stop, but by implementing the switch I'm sure this will be addressed as well.

A short video:

interesting. you may also check the new music thing modular 'startup'. It has a tap-tempo clock with multiplication. And is open-source (the code wasn't on github last time i checked but should be there pretty soon, schematics are already there). Maybe there is something to learn/compare in the code.
Havent seen that one, it differs from my approach in that on my design you always have 4 outputs at the same time.
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