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Need help in chosing an oscillator for my jazz/fusion rack
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Author Need help in chosing an oscillator for my jazz/fusion rack
Space Jazzer
I'm in dire need of some input, as I cant really figure out which way to go from here. I use Eurorack in a jazz/fusion context, much like Noir et Blanc Vie, triggering sampled chords, using a lot of filtering, adding pitch and echo with the Strymon Magneto, and further manipulating and mangling samples in real time. A lot of external stuff is processed thorugh these modules, like muted trumpet, piano and hollowbody guitars.

The thing is, I cant make up my mind in which way to to when it comes to adding an oscillator. I'm torn between two very differnt choices - the Lifeforms SV-1 and the Synth Tech e352. The SV-1 provides a lot of useful tools - MIDI, analog and digital LFOs (I have a Maths already), an ADSR and a filter that I really like. But I really like the possibilities with the e352. I could see myself adding a lot of cool morphing stuff and quantized noise to push some really cool flavor in my jazz trips. But then I need to get a separate MIDI module and the Pittsburgh filter.

I know these are very different beasts, which is probably why I cant decide on which one to get. A synth voice is not the main feature of my rack, but I really want it on tap for cool textures and vibes. Had a Mother 32 that I didnt gel with at all, I guess thats why I'm a bit sceptical about the SV-1 too.
Välkommen! w00t

Interesting question. Are you actually asking which of those oscillators are more jazzy or are you just asking which of them is best? grin What is your main concern between size/price/function? Do you want a knob for each function or is a bit of menu diving passable?
Space Jazzer
Man tackar! This is fun!

Well, in one way, yes I am cool Thing is, I'm a bit too new to this game to know wether all the added functions of a module such as the SV-1 or Mother 32 is going to be of great value in the long run, or if I'm better off looking at specific modules. Thats one thing.

The other I guess is more a matter of sonic preference. The SV-1 can get pretty crazy and glitchy when used by competent hands, but the e352 seems to have those bases covered in a more instant gratification kind of way. And the 2 op FM sounds glorious from what I can tell. Add the smooth wavetable morphing to that, and it sure is tempting. But at the same time, it'll rarely be the main player in my music, so I wonder if it might just be a tad overkill.

Size somehow matters, and the SV-1 is quite a piece. As a lot of stuff is included in the SV-1, it would save me some money going down that route, as I'd have to buy both the e352 and a MIDI module and the Pittsburgh filter to go with it. That kind of hurts a little.
It is difficult to tell in the first place, let alone not knowing your system smile
I am guessing it is a small system including maths, and the magneto and perhaps a filter?

You are comparing though a synth with an oscillator their only probable relation being price..
If indeed you have a small system, buying an sv-1 might be beneficiary, adding a bit of modulation in the process.
I liked my 350 a lot and generally Paul modules are high quality stuff, and very well engineered you will probably get a lot more timbres out of the e352.

Btw the 2op fm in the e352 sound like any other 2op fm I've heard, nothing special about that.

p.s perhaps the double helix instead of the sv1 is a better choice?
One other thought: digital oscillators are easier to deal with in terms of tuning when you are playin with others. Even temperature compensated analog VCOs will need to be tuned, possibly more than once in a session ( I use my modular in a band too).
Check out mannequins mangrove. It is a great organic sounding digital oscillator that’s probably the most “jazz” feeling in my experience.
goldi wrote:
Check out mannequins mangrove. It is a great organic sounding digital oscillator that’s probably the most “jazz” feeling in my experience.

Mangrove is an analog oscillator btw. I feel like I've seen this a couple times where people confuse it for digital, wonder where that comes from?

Regarding worry about value in the long run, I would say have faith in the reselling market for these things. One of the benefits of modular is that the modules are easily shippable and hold their value reasonably well.

I know you're hesitant, but a MIDI module is not a bad investment and can really open up your modular to the rest of your setup. Also as others have said, post your rack for better guidance.
Intellijel shapeshifter? CV control over a crazy amount of chords. Lots of which would fit right into your fusion jazz!
I would suggest that with complex oscillators like the E352, you don't necessarily need filters to go with it because you can often obtain filtered type sounds just by feeding it the right collection of CV modulation. So, for processing external sounds you might want one or more good envelope follower modules as well as simple to complex modulation sources and attenuverters etc.

Another module that is great for processing external sounds is the Mutable Instruments Rings.

Last thought, if you are torn between getting the Lifeforms SV-1 and E352, you could have both at the same time, sort of, for not much more than the cost of the Lifeforms SV-1 by getting the Lifeforms SV-1 and the Synth Tech E330. The E330 is just under $200 new and can be found for less used. Having both at the same time would give you an idea which works better for you, or maybe the combination would be the best? The E330 of course isn't as complex as the E352 and if I remember correctly the E352 has better fidelity but it does sound pretty great in my opinion. Here's someones excellent demo:

EDIT: Welcome to Muff's, Space Jazzer! w00t
Nutritional Zero
Mangrove explicitly refers to horns and woodwinds. It has an “Air” circuit which is really an onboard VCA, it kind of sounds like, say, a sax player digging in hard... lovely saturation and harmonics...
WMD Synchrodyne perhaps?

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