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Midi help needed please
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Author Midi help needed please
So I just got a modx7 (has its own soundcards)

Now normally I adjust midi offsets in Live’s midi preferences , where you can compensate the midi clock. This works well and is normally about -36.5 for me. Works well with my Machinedrum , sp16 etc.

With the modx I’m getting jitter , which has never really been a problem with my other soundcards. I’m also finding midi out compensation does nothing at all, so there is latency.

If I use an external instrument plugin , I’m able to sync it fine, although it still introduces jitter.

This is odd for me as I normally find the external instrument does nothing when you adjust the compensation setting. That’s why I normally adjust the midi clock compensation in midi preferences.

I’m running at 44.1k and am at 128samples on an iMac running 10.3, which is normally fine.

I at first made an aggregate device with my motu 16a, and thought this might be the issue, but have tried just using the modx as the only soundcard, but have the same issues.
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