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Antumbra Rot8 build failure
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Author Antumbra Rot8 build failure
So I've spent the last 8 hours soldering up an Antumbra Rot8, and I think I might have to chalk this one up to a learning experience very frustrating cry

When I first was trying to program using my AVR programmer (avrdudess/utiny programmer from sparkfun) I'm pretty sure I plugged the cable in upside down on the Rot8 and was sending it power (5v) in that flipped position, could I have burned something out?

While flashing, e-fuse would not let me set it to 0x05, it required that I set it to 0xFD, the other fuses set fine to l-fuse 0xFF and h-fuse 0xDE. I read on a few forums 0xFD would be fine as it's the new 0x05 (

The flashing went fine after that, I plugged it in, reset the module, got the startup animation. It seems like all the interface stuff works, leds/buttons all react as they should. The gate out gives me a solid gate that I can adjust the length of via the internal configuration, the CV out seems to play the first 4 places, only the first LED will go green, the 7th goes orange when it hits, the others don't change during the play cycle but the first 4 pots do modify the signal in those cases. The other pots don't seem to do anything to the signal.

5v jumper configured on back.

Startup :
Sending clock :

Close up photos of my soldering / the board :  ?usp=sharing

If anyone has any ideas I would be happy to hear them!

Dead Banana
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