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CHD TR-808 Midi Kit
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Author CHD TR-808 Midi Kit
Anyone have this installed in their 808 and how do you like it??? I know there's the Kenton Midi Retrofit Kit for the 808 but the CHD is non-destructive hence the appeal.
I discovered an old 808 Midi Kit Options thread where there was mentioned of some accent issues via midi?? Curious to hear from users of the CHD kit.
Installed it last year, easy to install, took an hr or so, great installation guide and works a treat. Happy to recommend.
I installed one of their kits on a Korg MonoPoly and it worked great.
Sir Ruff
Works great on mine. I sometimes have sync/start issues when trying to sync to DAW, but I think it's probably user error and I largely program from MIDI anyway, so not such an issue (though I have also had timing/lag issues there when recording long sections--not sure if it's the kit or my interface, which I've now swapped).
CHD Korg Trident here, and works great !
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