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Vermona uniCYCLE VCO
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Author Vermona uniCYCLE VCO
Anyone have any experience with this unit or comments on the sound? Seems really hard to find any info or sound demos of, at least here in US/English Google searches. I was really interested in the perFOURmer a while back but never got one due to OB-6 (even though the Vermona sounds amazing)... now that I started Eurorack it’s nice to be able to snag sounds I want, but does the uniCYCLE compare at all sonically?

I’d figure the VCO and their twin VCF would pair very nicely. If you get four VCOs plus two twin VCFs it’d be upper ceiling of $2,000 max without any discounts to (almost) have a modulation heavy perFOURmer in the rack..

Havent tried the oscillator but I searched for the longest time for a VCA that could match my vintage synths. Vermona worked flawlessly for that. Doepfer, Intellijel and some others I tried couldnt get in the same ballpark. Verbos did but was more of a different westcoast tone. Had a borrowed Cwejman that nailed it too but had to return that one and couldnt find one to purchase myself.

Anyways. Super impressed with that VCA. So would highly recommend Vermona modules. Feels like their experience building stuff shines through, great quality.
My understanding is the Unicycle is the osc from the '14, only expanded. It's really great and boasts a huge amount of functionality in 10hp.
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