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Buchla case alternatives
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Author Buchla case alternatives
Was wondering for those who use clones/non 200e stuff if you would be able to give me some suggestions as to how to power Buchla modules without a 200e case.

Obviously there's a lot of amazing work that went into Don's cases for the 200e, but a lot of the MIDI stuff would be redundant if only using it to power 100/200 series modules or clones.

Am interested in starting a DIY system at some point soon and still trying to weigh up format options and what I want to build in through hole and obviously cases and power come into that equation significantly.

The 200 series has been a dream synth for me, so to build a clone system certainly would be fantastic, so long as it's somewhat cost effective.
You can buy readymade boats/side panels/cases from Steffen @ samodular (top notch dude) or you can use the freely available plans (thanks Roman) to have you own fabricated. As far as power, I use the regular old power distribution boards (samodular or captain napalm) but instead of the switching supply and converter bricks I opted for a linear supply and the dongle (thanks again Roman) that derives 12v and 5v from the 15v rail.
I use the captain napalm power distribution boards and build my own cabinets.
Thank you Jim for the kind words Drinking

Many options available I guess:

Or directly:

Feel free to ask any questions.
Thanks guys, appreciate the info. Been doing DIY electronics stuff outside of the synth realm and thought I'd put my skills to the test and slowly build something, which will most likely be Buchla or Serge clones (fancy something outside of Euro and not all SMT)

Will start to look into where the best place is to source the pcbs and panels and then try and figure out the potential financial investment.

weedywhizz, your website looks great - I remember a few years back when you started doing cases and I'm really pleased to see it's going well for you.
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