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Is my pico cv mixer working right?
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Author Is my pico cv mixer working right?
I've got pitch from my midi keyboard, going from my cv.ocd, into the pico cv mixer, with it's respective knob fully clockwise, then going into my shapeshifter.

But one octave on the keyboard isn't quite one octave. More like 10.5 notes.

If i go direct from keyboard to shapeshifter, it's fine.

This doesn't seem right to me. shouldnt it output the same voltage that goes in. it also seems to be actually dropping voltage somewhat. If i go from straight to the shapeshifter, its one key, then if i go into the cv mixer and out, it drops a good 3-5 notes down.

is this the sign of a possible overloaded PSU?

Or do i just NEED an actual Precision Adder? (i also want to be able to adjust pitch with other cv inputs, such as automation in my DAW)
A CV mixer is just that, designed to mix different CVs together.

1v/Oct pitch is an entirely different creature; it is a precise voltage meant to produce a certain frequency when run through the 1v/Oct input on an oscillator.

What you did was take that precision 1v/Oct voltage and put it through something that was designed to change that voltage into something different, thereby losing any and all note calibration it originally had.

In essence you changed 1v/Oct control voltage into CV. Although 1v/Oct can be considered CV it serves a different purpose than CV pertaining specifically to pitch... hope that helps.
Hmmm. It doesn;t really explain the drop though and why at FULL mix level, the modulations output, doesn't equal it's input.

Say i was taking an LFO into it, and i wanted thayt to be exact... or a stepped CV from a sequencer, if it's dropping it, that can cause some annoyaces. Although i guess you just adjust the values and wouldn't really know the difference....

I guess i can put it through a scaler/offset module. The Invy is pretty handy, but it was already being used. Time for another one!

Thanks for the reply! Guess every now n then i learn a modules limitations and realise i need something else!
foh, double post d'oh!
The reason why is because mixers generally have protection resistors on inputs/outputs, which can cause a slight voltage drop - not an issue for modulation, but is for pitch CV. That said, some mixers are built to handle pitch CV with little to no issue - I found Shades to work well in this regard.

Failing that, get a precision adder if you want to distribute and mix pitch CV, or feed it into a buffered mult.
Ah okay. Thanks for clearing

As ever there's plenty of options as work arounds. Was just wondering if it's the pico doing it's thing or not.

I'll get a precision adder i think after watching some youtubes on it. Namely mylarmeodies one
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