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DIY logic/utility modules that work well with MFOS CVs ??
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Author DIY logic/utility modules that work well with MFOS CVs ??
I am looking for some DIY modules that would work well with the CV levels that are in MFOS gear, 10Vpp (0/10 and -5/+5).

Specifically I would like to automate the MFOS envelopes by creating trigger/gate information with comparators. There are a lot of good CGS and Serge designs such as the CGS62 and CGS96 comparators and slope detectors for example, but now I realize that the Serge universe seems to be largely 5Vpp and may not work with the larger range of voltages of MFOS.

(Do I have this all correct in my mind?)

More broadly, I am wondering what other gear works well with MFOS. Lurking around, Isee a little use of MFOS gear (such as the sequencer) in the MU format. Doepfer/Euro stuff looks like a mix of 5Vpp and 10Vpp as far as control voltages go (?). (is this correct?)

The MFOS seems very clear and well documented to me the more I get into building and debugging RW’s circuits. But outside of it, I’m standting not to be able to “see the trees for the forest” as far as compatibility with other formats goes.

Right now I am about 30 % done with an Ultimate+Expander+Extras build. Any non-MFOS stuff I am considering to finish my project needs to be PCB Kit only (and preferably thru-hole) as I am not building in a particular format.

Generally speaking, pretty much everything in kit form made for modular will be compatible with your MFOS stuff. Differing signal level "standards" really shouldn't be a problem when attenuators, inverters and offset contols are built into so many modules. Worst case you may find a need to add a few of those to your system, perhaps as standalone modules for maximum flexibility.
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