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SUONOBUONO - nABC - launching tomorrow!!
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Author SUONOBUONO - nABC - launching tomorrow!!
Hello all!!

As some of you know, tomorrow we will launch our company SUONOBUONO's first product, the nABC (not Another Boring Compressor). Needless to say, this forum has been a great resource during the design phase, so thanks all cool g-compressor-sidechain-made-fun?ref=848065&token=fa31a619

It is a stereo analog sidechain compressor that can be triggered by analog gate/CV, USB, MIDI and pedals, in addition to audio. It also has some nice features such as presets, real-time USB/MIDI automation and a touch-based interface.

I really look forward to your comments! And if you are curious, feel free to have a preview and see how it looks and sounds below thumbs up Thanks!
I take it this is a VCA based compressor? Nice features for a small package
Hi5 wrote:
I take it this is a VCA based compressor? Nice features for a small package

Thank you!! This is really a big adventure for us smile
yes, it uses the same VCA found on a few analog synths
And it's OUT NOW on Kickstarter! Come and check it out if you are curious Miley Cyrus g-compressor-sidechain-made-fun?ref=8d498r
Thanks, it looks promising hyper
Hi, many of you have asked for audio demos and tutorials for the nABC, so here come a couple videos:

The nABC is available for a time limited, discounted price on Kickstarter: g-compressor-sidechain-made-fun?ref=8d498r

Miley Cyrus
I dislike Kickstarter but decided to support this project. I look forward to receiving the unit and helping with the beta-test cycle.
Posting a little experiment, using the nABC as a control voltage modulator to "sidechain" a VCF.

This is possible becaue the nABC audio path is DC-coupled, so it can process CV in addition to audio. Enjoy! screaming goo yo
Dear Wigglers,

Some of you asked me how do the envelopes on the nABC compare to modular synths, so I did an A/B lab comparison with my Roland System 500 and published the results:

It was interesting for me to get insights on how different VCAs behave when stressed to very short and deep transients. And just to make it very clear: I have no intention to criticise the System 500, rather the opposite. I chose it as benchmark because I really like it, it's indeed my own bought unit in the test smile
Hi!! Some of you asked about the nABC sound when used without external sidechain, as a "traditional" compressor. We just published a comparison video where we benchmark with a DBX and a Warm Audio 1176 clone, I hope you enjoy it smile

Please note that there are less than 3 days left to get the nABC at discounted price: g-compressor-sidechain-made-fun?ref=8d498r
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