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Phase Distortion Question
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Author Phase Distortion Question
Hi there folks,

Just a quick q, been reading about the transfer function aspect of phase distortion, any thoughts on how best to implement this in analog? Is this possible?

Cheers M
I think that placing some type of wavefolder or waveshaper in front of a sin-shaper would produce something similar to analog phase distortion.
Is there such a thing as a sin shpaer module? Cheers for getting back to me!
matheuwatson wrote:
Is there such a thing as a sin shpaer module? Cheers for getting back to me!

What do you want to shape it into?
In general, I think you'll find it's far more common and flexible if you let digital be a part of the equation. But if that's not an option, one thing you might look at is the Happy Nerding FM Aid, which despite its name is essentially a waveshaper that'll turn a ramp/upward moving saw into a sine, a triangle, a downward saw, and a square. Do *something* to distort the ramp before putting it into the FM Aid, and bam, there you go, phase distortion
Richter Osc 2 does it: r-ii
matheuwatson wrote:
Is there such a thing as a sin shpaer module?

Bubblesound CVWS, Happy Nerding FM Aid, OML Sinulator, Doepfer A-184-2

Many wavefolders are "close enough" to a sine shaper to work, at the right levels.

So is a VCO that supports thru-zero linear FM and also can have its base frequency dropped at or near zero; use the FM input as the audio input. (I don't know how well this works for analog VCOs that do this, but I've successfully used the E370 this way.)

WMD Geiger Counter, if you get the levels right, but it's not analog. Or ER-301 if you want to use a nuclear warhead to swat a fly... hihi
thanks folks, just bought a couple of the new Hertz Donuts after all, they sound great! Cheers!

One of the first modules I got and still use it everyday all these years later...Sounds so amazing

All my ocs have phase mod or tzfm/tzpm - phase time, frequency pitch is a crazy simple way I look at patching

WMD PDO uses a saw core osc with digital switching
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