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AJH V-Scale and/or Klavis Caltrans
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Author AJH V-Scale and/or Klavis Caltrans

I'm wanting one (actually, both) of these very useful looking modules. Can you help me whittle down to one for now?

I'm aware that the Caltrans claims to offers calibrated/stored scaling of up to 4 different VCOs (a definite feather in its cap); however, for the purposes of this post, let's assume that I'm wanting to use the module(s) to scale a single 1v/oct signal across multiple VCOs of different flavors.

Let's also assume that some of the VCOs being driven will be somewhat traditional analog/digital sources with basic waveshapes (Doepfer, MFB OSC-03, Disting), while others will be more experimental and zany but still capable of outputting the basic waveshapes (Wsynth FM Ogre, NLC Plague of Demons).

No wavetable oscs (but feel free to chime in on if/how you might use these modules for wavetables).

What do you prefer/choose?

Is the simplicity/manual tweaking of the V-Scale preferable (and less error-prone/more future proof) to the auto calibration Klavis wizardy? Or does Klavis have a complete ace here that should definitely work well as long as your sound source is capable of outputting a standard shape upon calibration?

Any thoughts, insights, first-hand exp. appreciated!
Cal Trans needs to see a pretty basic wave shape to do its calibration. But as long as you can feed it something simple for that part, it doesn't make any difference what kind of sounds you ultimately want to use from your oscillators.
Wave tables are no problem as long as you can dial in a sine or triangle for the calibration.

Whether you are planning on sending 1 voltage to 4 oscs, or up to 4 different voltages, the idea is that you can calibrate each osc on its own- how you control them after that doesn't matter.

I don't really know anything about V-scale so can't compare. I find Cal Trans' octave transpose a really useful bonus.
Thank you; that helps me understand the Caltrans better (and probably makes it a purchase over the V-Scale for me)!

I don't have much experience with wavetable oscs, but I assume most should have roms/tables with basic shapes that would be suitable for calibration with the Caltrans (Waldorf NW1 or Piston Honda MKII, for example)?

Thanks again; I'm glad the Klavis is working out for you!
YMMV, but many stock wavetables seem to start with a simple shape, then move to more and more harmonics. Or if the module is one where you can load custom tables, you could just make one with a single sine.
When CalTrans counts the frequency of an incoming signal, does it just look at how frequently the signal crosses zero-volts?

In other words, if you feed it a signal with harmonics, but the signal still only crosses zero volts once per cycle, will CalTrans get it right?
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