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Disting MK4 sample playback white noise
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Author Disting MK4 sample playback white noise
Couple questions here running on v4.11:

1. My samples are playing back with a crazy overpowering whitenoise, I can't figure out why. I-1, I-2, I-3 all do it, I have attached a zip file with an example of the sound output. I get similar white noise artifacts regardless of the sample chosen (in the example .aif, a kick drum). The sample played is either 32-bit or 24-bit 44khz .wav file format
EDIT I just realized in the manual it says only 16-bit files are supported sad is this the reason for the samples playing back with all the white noise ? I guess I gotta let go of these beautiful wave alchemy samples for use in the disting ?

2. The oneshot samples loop even though loop is set to "-loop=0" , I mainly want this feature for drums so I really want this off. I have attached my playlist.txt file in the zip, its in the root directory, why isn't the looping feature turned off ? I assumed this playlist would turn all sample playback from the module into non-looping one-shots.

Any help is appreciated, I own two of these disting mk4's and haven't been able to get anything going with them sad

Thank you.
1. You need to convert your samples to 16 bit.

2. The playlist goes in the folder with the samples.
Fixed both problems!

I just want to point out how much your involvement in helping people with expert-sleepers products means to me. Really makes me think highly of them and lean toward purchasing more in the future.

Thanks OS !
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