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Help needed (simple attenuation)
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Author Help needed (simple attenuation)
Hi, i‘m in need of help.

I want to order the APC from emizinstruments and i want to put an Attenuator between the CV Input and the following Knob.

So [CV In] -> [Attenuate] -> [Freq Pot]

I know how a simple attenuator is wired but in here i dont know where to put this thing^^

Emiz Instruments

I am no pro in reading shematics, a simple wire diagram should work i think^^
can you explain a bit more about how you want it wired up? i understand an attenuator before the CV input, but its unclear to me how you want the CV to affect the frequency pot.
I want to attenuate the signal i‘m feeding into the frequency pots.

But yeah, it sound logical to attenuate the signal before going into the input^^

After thinking about it...does this even make sense in any way? seriously, i just don't get it

I want to send a v/oct to input1 and maybe a lfo to input2 i‘ve just seen this on other modules where you can attenuate the signal before it affevts anything
the CV inputs do the same thing as the frequency pot, so you dont have to do anything to the frequency pot. i would reccomend a 100k pot in series with the input (not the normal way you do attenuation). so put your input signal on one end of the pot, and put the wiper to the CV input. i would also reccomend a diode between ground and the CV input to protect against negative voltage.
Okay, i try that. thank you
with the diode, put it on the other side of the 1k CV input resistor (where the 1k and the 555 connect). this will limit the current through the resistor in case the pot is turned all the way down.
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