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Lyra 8 + ... -drone / industrial / dark ambient
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Author Lyra 8 + ... -drone / industrial / dark ambient
-drone / industrial / dark ambient

Lyra 8 ++ Stargazer + + Vermona DRM1 MK3 ++ Ableton

Enjoy it-

comments suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Had Warps for quite a while and needed a couple of attempts to figure out perfecting a vocoder voice akin to a Cylon from Battlestar G.
I would agree if any one flames me for being corny...but think of it as a todo list item to tick off .. like Shepard tones.

my recording is a bit quiet when published (first time i used soundcloud)
-its only 39 seconds. Ill do better next time.

Vocoder on Left Channel, a drum patch on right (MI Peaks,Dinkys Taiko)


the patch:

Source MTM Radio Music plugged into Warps green audio input.
Modulation CV from Keyboard into MI Yarns
Connect Yarns CV to the Warps red input Level socket
Red Input not connected
Set internal oscillator to display orange led using push button

set Warps level attenuators red 9oclock, green 2oclock
Timbre 12oclock.
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