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Are Long Screws Problematic?
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Author Are Long Screws Problematic?
I just got a small koma-elektronik case, and it seems like the standard screws that modules ship with are not long enough to hold in my modules. I just went to the hardware store to pick up some 3mm screws, but they only had ones that were kinda long (~1 inch). This might be a dumb question, but is there any potential problems with using screws that long? Just wanna make sure I don't break anything. Thanks!
The usual design of rails can only accept screws that are a certain length — there's a cavity behind the nuts/threaded strips that takes the extra length but not most of an inch. However, from the product photos of Koma's 3U case, it looks like the rails might be open in the back (I see what looks like a screw tip peeking out), in which case there's no problem.

If you have the screw to try out, then just put the screw in without a module and watch to make sure it goes in all the way and doesn't hit anything on the inside of the case. If it fits without a module, it'll fit with a module.

Just remember you're going to be turning that screwdriver a lot!

Myself, I buy 8mm stainless steel hex-socket screws through Amazon. The prices aren't bad, as "metric hardware in the US" goes. (I get hex sockets because there's much less chance of the screwdriver slipping out and gouging a module, and they look sharp too.)
Unfortunately some cases ship with 6mm long screws, and that isn’t long enough, especially if you use washers. I usually buy 8 mm long screws. The extra 2mm also make it much easier to line up the nuts and mount the module.

Buying locally is expensive, and I usually add a bag of screws and washers when I buy a module new.
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