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Wav file with cue points
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Author Wav file with cue points
The search function is down, otherwise I would probably be able to come up with the answer to this question in the database of knowledge here...

Anyway, I'd like to be able to export a wav file with cue points embedded...this is so that some hardware that I am using (the Gotharman LD3) can read 'chop points' in loops I've created.

Can't seem to figure out which software will do this. Any ideas?

Thanks Guinness ftw!
For a recent project I needed to make use of these cue point callbacks in an FMOD Designer. I was disappointed to realize that Pro Tools doesn’t have the option of embedding its markers in exported wave files as cue points. So I had a look around on Techgara for software that does this, and it seems the list is pretty short. On the Windows side there is Sound Forge and on Mac there is Triumph.
Thanks, I appreciate the response. I'll give triumph a try...
Bombaster wrote:
On the Windows side there is Sound Forge and on Mac there is Triumph.

Sound Forge is also available on Mac.
Triumph is effectively dead now. All of Audiofile/Aurchitect's software is completely gone along with their website and the licensing servers that let registered users install their apps. The rights to their apps are up in the air and its a confusing situation at the moment. The whole story is over at GS. You cant even go grab the demo now and try it unless you can find it at a third party site somewhere.

Wavelab is also on the Mac now, it might do it as well but I haven't used it since Wavelab 3 way back on like Windows 2000.. Might try Sound Studio as well. I dont know if the markers it can save with an audio file can be seen by anything else though.
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