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Moog Minitaur needing MIDI notes on power up
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Author Moog Minitaur needing MIDI notes on power up
Hi all,
after having switched over to mostly CV/gate sequencing I've noticed the minitaur VCOs are stuck in ~0v (subaudible/LFO) range until being sent a MIDI note of say C3. Does anyone know of a way around this? I'd love to ditch the midi controller...
would be interested to find this out too...
I could be out of the loop on this since it was a few years when I had one.

I had a similar problem in that CV was always out of whack when coming back to the Minitaur after a power cycle, except it was my tracking was well out. I almost exclusively used CV with it, and in the end sent mine to the Moog repair agent in the UK, who when he actually understood the problem and installed a customised firmware to get around the issue.

From what i understood from his statement was that it was actually by design that the moog works that way.

Let me try and see if I still have the emails.

mmmm...seems that I can find the emails in a search on thunderbird, but when I click on it it doesn't seem to be there. The only text from the search results is this:

Hi Ben,

After some investigation and a bit of discussion with Moog I’ve gotten to the bottom of this, the short answer is there’s nothing wrong with your Minitaur.

However, their CV implementation with a combination of no keyboard is a bit annoying. Basically the problem arises because the pitch CV is summative. A pitch CV source wont overplug the last note played (via MIDI) so to speak, but adds to it. The justification for this is so that you can use an expression pedal input. I think this is in general pretty standard for CV implementation actually.…Meaning that to get it to realign with a V/Oct CV source where 1V = C1, you need to send it C0 (note number 12) over MIDI. So that 0V aligns with that.

However, I have just confirmed a workaround via a beta version of the firmware and a custom sysex message which I’ve loaded, which changes to initialised note to C0. Meaning that when you get it back you should be good to go. This beta version is thus far the only one where this global variable is programmable.

Otherwise, if you roll back the firmware and want to play it by gate and pitch CV you’ll always need to send C0 via MIDI to begin

I will try and get the rest.

i don't know if I dumped the sysex of this firmware but i'll see if I have it somewhere.

Edit to add this: I think the Minitaur is ace!
Wow -- thanks neuroportal. that actually explains quite a bit about the way the minitaur behaves. I wish there was an option to disable all MIDI functionality -- sort of like the reverse of local control off -- but it's probably too tightly bound into the firmware for that to work.

I think it's ace too! but I have kind of a love/hate relationship with it -- it has a lot of weird UI quirks that I don't like, but it just sounds so fucking good. I was considering selling it to build an RE-303 but I was messing around with it today and I was blown away by the sound of it, after not having used it in a while. So now I'm torn.
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