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Erica Synths Dual FX
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Author Erica Synths Dual FX
yalivec  /dual-fx/

Hi all! Recently found this one on Erica website.
They say it combines two Spin FV-1 chips.

Does anyone know is that the same chip they use in Pico DSP?
In other words, can we considered this module as dual Pico DSP with normal knobs?

Does anyone use it?

Yes and no.

The Pico is Spin based too, but the algorithm selection is not identical.

I have the Dual FX and use it a lot. Most of the time I use it as one dual algorithm unit, as the left side out normals to right side in.

Great little unit, quite powerful, even though I don't find all the algorithms that useful.

One cool thing about it is that you are able to save one recall state pr. algorithm, I don't think the Pico DSP can do that.
Thanks for reply.
Yes, Pico can't recall parameters.
Actually, the thing is that I love pico's stereo delay very much for its simplicity and melody. But I hate that small knobs.
That's why I wanna change it for this new dual fx. Now with the hope that stereo delay algorithm is not very different from pico.
I have both and it’s a little different. The Dual FX is designed more for percussion and works well. I like it better than the Pico, mainly because of the knobs. The feedback on the stalker reverb algo is wonderful.
batch wrote:
The Dual FX is designed more for percussion and works well

Can you describe in more detail what "designed more for percussion" mean?
I use stereo delay in my pico dsp mainly for ambient textures. And now want to swap it for Dual FX for this purpose. Is it a bad idea?
The Dual FX is part of the Erica Synths Drum series and come with the techno system. And so the stereo delay is really good for adding flams to percussion and such, but it’s not the same as what can be achieved with the big stereo delays like Magneto, 4ms digital delay, etc. or I expect the new Erica one that looks pretty awesome.

I personally really love the reverbs on the Dual FX, the stalker reverb can get this awesome feedback going that can then be “played” using the CV or the knob. It’s similar to what’s on the Black Hole 2.

Of your question is, should I upgrade my Pico DSPs to this, then I’d say yes. It’s a better version. And at 10Hp is a powerful and versatile little FX unit.
Thank you very much for your answers!
Check out my review here:
Thanks, vibralux!

So, how its stereo delay compared with pico dsp delays?
Is there too much difference or not?
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