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Best 3U 60hp powered case?
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Author Best 3U 60hp powered case?
Blicken Synths
I need to get a small powered case, preferably 3u 60hp. Currently using a moog mother 32 case that I borrowed from a mate but it's annoying me that I'm loosing 4hp for the uzeus and at some point I'll probably have to give it back

A lid would be nice too. Closed whilst patched no all that important

Any suggestions?

Edit, needs to be more than 45mm depth too
You can order powered case of any size and depth from MDR or CLANK.
Not sure of the depth yet, but you may want to wait for the Intellijel Palette case.

62HP, 3u+1u and an addition section with buffered mult, 1/4 i/o (that connects to 1u modules), Midi 1/8 and usb (to connect to 1u midi) and power inlet and switch.

Should be out soon.

You can see it in this vid:

Erthenvar boogie board cases are awesome at 4Ux60hp. I still have two, which are were first two cases. Sadly I don't think they are in production anymore. The Intellijel setup above seems like a marvelous option depending on price.
I've been thinking about trying out one of these as an expansion case: wered

60HP, 62mm depth. The only thing I'm not sure about is the quality of the power.
I'd wait for the Palette.
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