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I'M OUT! Sugestions?
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Author I'M OUT! Sugestions?
I have lost the fun of in it all so I'm selling of all my gear, What I would like to know is should I sell it all in one shot or sell it off piece by piece. Would there be a buyer for a big lot if the price was right? Your advice would be helpful.

The racks are under mortimerSneed if you want to take a look at the.

Thanks help
Couldnt find the racks on Modulargrid. Where are they?
what ? you loose the fun ?? c'mon man recover the fun and don't sell anything !!!
As a potential buyer, I really dislike when people want to sell everything in one shot instead of piece by piece. I understand why sellers would want to not piece it out (easier), but you'd be limiting your market. Instead of offering a variety of products (each different module), by trying to sell it all together you're actually offering just one single product: the entire lot. That will appeal to (and be within the price range of) much fewer people than if you sell piece by piece. This is why you'll see people in the BST forum who list the whole thing together, then drop the price several times, and then eventually piece it out when they get no one buying the whole thing together.
Yes Powder
Can’t find on Mg. linkplz

How big of a rack we talkin’? I’ve seen more than two people get burnt out of Euro because they try to make a rack too big, too fast, and with no real focus.
Before you sell it all (and possibly regret it later when you find yourself feeling more disciplined and ready to try again) have you considered downsizing your rack into a smaller, more limited synth? Like, just keep enough functionality on board to make a small, flexible, fun synth along the lines of a 0-coast.
Without knowing more, I think you might regret it later if you don’t.
OP is like
It's a load more work for sure but if you price everything sensibly then selling as individual modules is definitely the way to go. The whole point of modular (unless you're buying a complete system like the MN shared) is to build the rack that works for you. The chances of someone wanting your exact rig right now and having the cash to splurge on it all in one go is pretty much zero.

I'm not sure where the OP is based (I've checked behind me) but the European Sales/Trades group on FB is really pretty active. If you're really desperate to get rid of it all fast stick it all on ebay with a low starting bid and it will all fly out the door.

As Yes Powder (!) said above sometimes limitations can be much more creatively rewarding so downsizing before you sell off everything is worth a shot at re-kindling the spark...

Good luck with whatever you decide.
idee it's under mortimerSneed the S is capitalized sorry bout that. Thanks everyone who responded. screaming goo yo
dirtbudda wrote:
idee it's under mortimerSneed the S is capitalized sorry bout that. Thanks everyone who responded. screaming goo yo
hmmm..... I don't know of any way to search for a user's name on ModularGrid. seriously, i just don't get it Just copy and paste your link here if you want some help! thumbs up
List a link to your rack and then part it out
OP, you can include a link you know.

According to the users page, there isn't any name close to that. Searching by "mort" I get:

mort, mortadelo2001, mortal3, mortalitydrag, mortarm, mortec, mortem, morten, Mortenelk, mortenyde, mortham, mortimor, mortimyrrh, mortmortmortmort, MortRouge, mortskiw, mortusinc, mortvik, Morty and Mortythewalrus


btw, you can search users here:
Wracked with Guilt
If you can afford to, I strongly recommend packing the Euro away and taking a sabbatical before selling off at a hideous loss and regretting it in the future.

If you can't do that, try concentrating on each module and how it interacts with its peers, and then embark on the the relaxing, zen-like journey of distilling your euro into a workable core.
Unless you have Cwejman's you will get a serious loss. I do understand the sentiment though. When you want out, you want out. You don't want to be on a sell and buy mode for the following 6months/year.

Perhaps you could try with the whole system and judging how it goes adjust.
I've no clue where your rack is....
exper wrote:

btw, you can search users here:
Thanks for that link! we're not worthy I'm feeling stupid right now but I can't find how to navigate to that page from the main page or other pages. seriously, i just don't get it oops
Unless there's another dirtbudda, I'd say the rack in question is here:

Dibs on the wasp razz

First rack link. applause
By the way there two racks the smaller one is a mantis sorry I did not put it in my last post, seriously, i just don't get it
thats the link to the second rack if you could not get to it.
I can see why you’re not having fun. There’s no utilities there! That’s where the really interesting stuff happens imo.
Maybe go out and have a few nights of fun with close trusted friends, work hard as hell at your job for a couple weeks, spoil your significant other, relax, get laid, and then decide if you really want to throw away this thing that you put so much work into. Just my two cents.
As someone who had a 15U Doepfer system back in the early days of Eurorack (1999-2001), sold it off, then regretted it terribly for 15 years afterwards, I think the suggestions to take a little breather are good to listen to... I wish someone had told me the same thing back then!
Literally the entire point of modular is that people can design their own system on the basis of the individual modules they want/need. Trying to sell it as one whole thing is just silly.

Also, take a break and come back to it in a few months. And buy some utilties cool
Some nice gear there. You really should reconsider. Afraid you'll regret it later if you walk away from it.
No one is going to buy your whole rack. Part it out.
Do you but, let me give you some unsolicited advice.

I'm not sure if you're missing pieces from selling or the current state is what your rack looked like for awhile, but I think you're missing a few things that would get you going. You seem to be lacking in envelopes and other sources of modulation and overstocked on sequencing and voices.

It took me a long time to get to a point to realize modulation is really what I was after to make things come alive. That Wogglebug going into different parameters with an envelope generator triggered by the empathetics of the Wogglebug CV is a blast.

Maybe refocus your system to a set purpose but if not, good on you for knowing when it's time to move on.

I'll leave this video that reignited something in me a few days ago in hopes of keeping you in the community
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