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ANMA - Osaka (Syncopathic.Recordings)
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Author ANMA - Osaka (Syncopathic.Recordings)
ANMA // Osaka (Syncopathic.Recordings)
Out now on Cassette & Digital, available from Bandcamp and all other major digital outlets.

„Osaka“, after „Kitahama Ghosts“ is the second part in a series of releases inspired
by events that took place in Osaka 2017.
Whereas on „Kitahama Ghosts“ the focus was lying on the experimentation with electronic live improvisation, ambient and repetition, „Osaka“ sounds more structured and composed with a strong focus on the piano as harmonic leadvoice.
„Osaka“ is a deep, cinematic journey into the guts of a very unique city. Recorded in Innsbruck, Austria from June to December 2018.

Free bump!

I've listened to a bunch of this over the weekend. It is really good. It is also nice that we are nearly neighbors. Let me know when you are next in Vienna. Maybe we can grab a beer or 12.
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