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El Capistan Questions
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Author El Capistan Questions
So... There's two gigantic El Capistan threads going on right now and both of them are starting to get unmanageable as far as finding information in them. Therefore, I thought I'd start a new one in case anybody had any questions with theirs (as I do).

Anyway, I do have a question regarding holding down the "tap" for infinite repeats. For some reason, when I hold the tap button down the pedal does extended repeats (for about 30 seconds or so) and then fade to silence, even though the tap button is still pressed. Any thoughts of what I'm doing wrong?

I read all the literature I could find but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm also having troubles with the Sound on Sound (mode C) not infinitely repeating as well. Should it?
Okay, I think I figured out my infinite delay issue. Sorry for the wasted bandwidth. I hear it's in short supply these days screaming goo yo
At least post answers to your own questions! hehe

SoS has to have repeat set to max for this to work. Not sure about your tap hold problem - it works as expected for me. hmmm.....
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