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Boredbrain INTRFX Eurorack FX Interface
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Author Boredbrain INTRFX Eurorack FX Interface
Hey wigglers, an official announcement here....

We've just introduced INTRFX, a small external effects interface for eurorack, pedals, line-level synths and instruments, etc. It is available now! Thanks for checking it out, and please let me know if you have any questions. Intro video coming soon.


Boredbrain INTRFX

The INTRFX facilitates effects processing between eurorack, guitar pedals and electronic instruments.

  • 3 channels of send & return level conversion
  • Per-channel selection of either eurorack thru pedals or line-instrument thru eurorack
  • FX blend control with CV input
  • Capable of FX feedback and linear VCA functionality
  • Small tabletop form-factor

The INTRFX allows eurorack-level signals to be processed with pedals and/or outboard effects, and also allows line-level instruments to be processed with eurorack modules. Each of its three channels has an Interchange Switch to swap this mode, as well as an FX Blend parameter which can be controlled via CV. Because of its compact physical design, the INTRFX can be placed almost anywhere and connected to eurorack systems with 3.5mm patch cables rather than bulkier 1/4-in cables.

Feedback effects can be achieved by switching into the "wrong" mode, sending the FX return back into the FX send, while still allowing for dry signal blend and modulation. Channels can also be patched into one another and toggled between modes for experimental routing. Conveniently, each channel can operate as a reversed linear VCA for both audio and DC signals when no effects are used.

Thats a really cool device. How is it powered?
paperCUT wrote:
Thats a really cool device. How is it powered?
paperCUT wrote:
Thats a really cool device. How is it powered?

Boss standard 9VDC negative center 2.1mm (75mA).
Crap; I literally just ordered two Strymon AA.1's lol.
We've been getting questions about the INTRFX and how it's used. This video explains how simple it actually is, and the flexibility it can add to your setup when integrating eurorack with pedals, synths, drum machines, and guitars.

Thanks for watching!

Just wrapped up a Tips and Tricks video, showing how to use the INTRFX for feedback effects, simple VCA functionality, and chaining channels.

Because each channel incorporates a full blendable FX loop, and switch that swaps the main I/O and FX Send/Return, you can easily create and adjust FX feedback, and control it with CV.

The unit uses three Electric Druid dual VCAs (love these!) for the FX blends, so of course you can make use of these independently for basic VCA duty, both for DC and AC signals.

And lastly, the three discrete channels of the INTRFX can be chained together in series, giving blend amounts at each stage, plus the Pedals/EuroFX modes can be mixed up to integrate Feedback effects into the chain.

Hope this vid was informative. smile

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