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Disting mk4 sample playback
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Author Disting mk4 sample playback
I 'am preparing to use the I1 sample playback algorithm for performance.
I created six folders named 1 to 6, each holds one file. I can now go from one to the next file by just turning the S knob. That works fine.
The problem is that as soon as the I switch on the disting the files in the first folder starts playing. That's not what I want to happen.
I added an empty 0 folder hoping that this would prevent the the disting from playing. I doesn't it continue to the second folder and start.
How do I set this up to get control over when the disting start playing.

I 've tried many different setups also with a no folder structure and a playlist. That does not work.

Update: solved the problem by putting an empty .wav file with only silence in the first directory
Hey, I made folders like you. can you please explain to a newbie what do you do and what do you put in each of the x y z a b?
and if you put a playlist txt what's written there?
Thanks allot Miley Cyrus
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