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Tenori-ON can't autoswitch blocks? Why?
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Author Tenori-ON can't autoswitch blocks? Why?
What I couldn't understand when started using Tenori-ON, it has 16 blocks which would make it fantastic 256-step sequencer. But why there is no such mode? F.ex. when you start using block 2, it should autoswitch to block 2 after block 1 and so on. It seems so obvious to me that I don't believe I can't find menu option for that...
The only way to do this is with the realtime record function where the T-O records all realtime actions done, including block changes. I never use this mode, but it may be possible to edit it during playback, if so, then you can just record the sequence of block changes and then treat the result as a multi-block single sequence. I am not near my T-O to try it out or I could give you a definite answer.
Yep, not really a sequencer use case.

Probably it can be made an external device which switches blocks by midi via Sysex. I guess T-O reports everything and can do everything via Sysex as it supports master-slave mode. Some good script on Arduino would solve this, but I am too occupied to do that...
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