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Synthronics - Modern PSUs for classic vintage synths
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Author Synthronics - Modern PSUs for classic vintage synths
Just a heads up, Andrej from Synthronics is releasing a bunch of custom replacement PSUs for classic vintage synthesizers and I have to say I'm impressed. Just installed my replacement Juno-6 PSU and on top of being smaller and lighter than the original it seems to have better groundings and isolation, as it's improved a ton of the high pitched noise and DCO leaking into the jacks board, so typical in the Juno-6 and 60. It's a switched solution but with linear regulators, with excellent measurements and low noise. It's also very nicely built, with isolators included and a lot of attention to detail, I highly recommend it.

Link to Juno-6/60 PSU:

Korg Mono/Poly PSU:

The best news is that more models are coming, with Jupiter-8 and Prophet VS PSUs dropping very soon. Andrej is also open to suggestions for what PSUs you'd prefer to see. You can contact him on Facebook directly here: for requirements, suggestions and orders (don't forget to mention autoy sent you).
Interesting information, thanks for sharing. Guinness ftw!
Prophet VS PSU now available!  /
Roland Jupiter-8 replacement PSU is ready: 66E3edaD9695AoyU5g_iVKpZuW1_UutQqMmNpEmB7oTcIZ0

No overheat
Efficiency around 75% = less heat inside the synthesizer
Noise free
Precise Over Voltage and Over Current Module that monitors possible fault conditions
Polysix PSU replacement now available, much more efficient and less heat:
New PSU for JP-4 available now:

Less heat.
Efficiency around 78% (incl. linear regulators) (efficiency of original PSU is 55%).
No audible noise.
Precise Over Current Module that monitors possible fault conditions.
Less weight (320g incl. metal cover and insulator board).
Improving the PSU of most of these units is doing the Lord's Work, IMO. What a rich and ripe field.

At the same time, maybe put some units out there for the ones that are in dire need.

Like almost everything made by Ensoniq! Those things died Jedi.

While not near the numbers, the Polymoog always, always had PSU probs because it was too much organ and not enough power.

I'm right now working an a Yamaha DX7 PSU. Sure, they last pretty well, but when they fail, you find how heavy, hot, and clunky they really are.
Not synths, but the Yamaha SPX series are fairly notorious, Early switch modes, but run hot and fail. It's not just the caps that die either - my SPX900 has a dead transformer.
This is an awesome resource.

And the MKS-80 could definitely use a replacement power supply.
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