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Buchla Easel + MIDI Sync issue
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Author Buchla Easel + MIDI Sync issue
Hope someone can help.

Have previously been able to send MIDI clock to the Easel via different drum machines (Elektron and Roland etc) and/or a Korg SQ-1, but now all my different configurations are no longer working. Have tried different cables and different MIDI clock sources to no avail, not sure what I am doing wrong or missing. Yes - I understand the Easel can only do MIDI clock or MIDI notes, not both! I am only trying to sync the Easel's SVG via MIDI clock... and yes can also do this via trig outs on my 606/808/909, but need to do it via MIDI for reasons I will not bore you with here.

Might the MIDI interface on my Easel be stuffed?

Thanks for stopping by
Seems like I am the idiot here - the clock is working, but forgot I need to play the keyboard! d'oh!

Might there be a way to sync to MIDI clock without holding down a key? IE; I'd like to have the pulser or sequencer run without pressing down on the keyboard.

So, from what I understand the 218 is the only thing the midi is communicating with. So it needs to be played in order to send the sync'd pulse to the 208. I record using my 218 all the time and I just press a note and hold down a sustain pedal with the arp on. Also I installed a mod on the 218 where a switch functions as a latch for the sustain.

Check out this thread. tdays=0&postorder=asc&sid=cc97acb27905299cad91a18072b4ad4a

If you're interested in the mod I think theres info about it in that thread.

Hope this helps
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