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Creamware ASB boxes
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Author Creamware ASB boxes
Anyone have any recent experience with these? I've always been interested in the Prodyssey for some knobby, polyphonic Odyssey fun but they're incredibly rare. One has popped up so I'm interested again.
Not interested at all in the accuracy of their emulation, just their reliability and general build and sound quality etc.
Any thoughts?
Richard deHove
Greetings fellow Vandemonian. Best place for all things Creamware is PlanetZ: a259080b3c5975c
I had the Minimax ASB several years ago. Really liked the sound and interface, but the MIDI was very buggy. Essentially when I played it mono it worked okay, but when I tried to play poly, I got lots of stuck/hanging notes.

I did a lot of troubleshooting/MIDI chain rearranging at the time, but I couldn’t pinpoint a problem other than the ASB itself. And Creamware went bankrupt and resurrected as SonicCore (?) during this time period. They kept selling the old ASB they had in stock, but were pretty useless as far as tech support (barely even managed canned email replies most of the time).
Eventually sold my ASB on for these reasons.

I don’t think everyone had these polyphony issues, but I recall at least a few other folks on the forums who did.
I use not the ASBs but I have pretty much all the sonic core plugins.

If you're idea for something resembling a polyphonic odyssey, and you are familiar with the ARP you will be very dissapointed. They really sound nothing alike. If what you want is a a decent VA with the same architecture as the odyssey, then it might be ok, but I'd go with a NL4 or an access virus long before I invested in an old Creamware ASB. (while I still dig the sonic core scope environment, none of the ASBs really hold up to modern VA).
Thanks for the replies, folks.

Yeah it does sound like a bit of a gamble. Ideally I would be getting a NL2R. I use an NL2 already but need the rack for a live show. Unfortunately they're impossible to find at a decent price in Australia at the moment.

It was mainly the knob-per-function, presets and apparently solid sound of the Prodyssey that made it appealing, rather than a faithful Ody recreation.

I'll keep thinking! Thanks for the input.
I have no clue what you are talking about and never used no Creamware ASB boxes.

But recently, i came across the new hardware for the CreamWare synths:

"The Dino Park Board comes loaded with three Synthesizer Legends

Minimax (polyphony 10 voices)
Prodyssey (10 voices)
Pro12 (12 voices)"

The company also had a stand at superbooth. These things look quite flexible. It is a bit DIY but they also seem to offer controllers and all that.

No experience with them at all ... but maybe worth having a look. The eurorack is a bit expensive imho (and was a later add on, i assume, because the dimensions do not really fit). The price for the core board is reasonable.

I still like the NL2 better, though wink
I used to have the Prodyssey : I'm not sure how much it really sounded like
an Oddy - but it was a lovely VA - I ended up using it in poly mode an awful lot, because it just excelled at pads & drones.

The interface was really nice - felt quite like programming a real analogue synth & the sound was great for a VA

Not quite sure why I flipped it in the end - as you're right they don't crop
up that often... I guess unless your'e hell-bent on only using hardware though there are loads of better options sound-wise as plug-ins these days.
This is good to know! Thanks for that. I'm planning on mainly using it exactly for that purpose (pads & drones) live so that helps. One never quite knows how a mono will translate to poly. I was surprised the SH-01a sounded so nice polyphonically.

I've seen the DinoPark thing. Nice to see that the guts of these things is still alive. I've already asked if the editor and/or OS will be compatible with older ASBs. Doubt it but worth a shot!

I've bid on the Prody, so we'll see what happens!

Thanks again.
Xmit wrote:
I guess unless your'e hell-bent on only using hardware though there are loads of better options sound-wise as plug-ins these days.

Maybe, but IIR there were comparisons done on the Moog forums years ago where the Minimax ASB was regarded as being closer to a Mini than the Voyager...
I've a Minimax which TBH I haven't used in a long time but it does sound good, and the controls respond pretty much in the way you'd expect on a Mini. Strangely I've never really used it for poly stuff - just seems wrong using a 'Mini' like that...
I had MIDI issues with it too. I had both MIDI In & out connected to I could record knob twks (all knobs sent CCs). Even with 'local off' engaged (ie. the way you'd expect to use it) turning the effects on would result in a MIDI feedback loop. hmmm..... I ended up adding stuff in my Logic environment to stop the loop.
Well I won it... Definitely a bit larger than I was anticipating! No bugs present so far except for the strange polyphonic voice-stealing behaviour. It just appears to randomly steal voices rather than first played. Bit annoying but hopefully I can work around it. I'd really rather not have to dig out my old XP laptop to update it.
Otherwise, it sounds great. MIDI spec is fantastic and so far works flawlessly with the Digitone (program changes, CC changes, LFO to CCs etc.) It generates a really good low-end thump which complements my weedy (but lovely) Nord very nicely.

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