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Sendoff (Serge+Euro+Mono/Poly+SH-101) + patch notes
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Author Sendoff (Serge+Euro+Mono/Poly+SH-101) + patch notes
This is one of the first tracks I did with the cirklon. Even before getting into its advanced features, being able to sequence practically anything from one spot has been a really different experience.

This track is mostly Eurorack, some Serge, a Mono/Poly, and an SH-101. Recorded and mixed live on a small Mackie, Lexicon reverb, ART Pro VLA on the mix.



I don't think this one had any Euro or Serge sequencers, mostly just the cirklon. A few clock dividers on the Euro side. The two Doepfer ones are pretty useful, the A-160 & A-160-2. One divides "mathematically" and the other "musically".

Main Percussion

Pico drums switching samples into a Malekko Dual Borg being FMed by an Malekko Anti-Oscillator. Cirklon provides the sequence that switches samples as well as the gate sequence for the volume envelope (quadra into veils).

Noisy Fade In

White noise into a Malekko dual VCA, output of one channel into the other. Batumi sine LFO into one VCA's CV, an exponential maths envelope into the other VCA's CV. A step from one of the clock dividers into the Batumi speed CV. This results in the volume of the noise oscillating (tremolo I guess) and the rate at which it oscillates changes between two rates. The maths envelope into the second VCA affects the overall volume of the noise, it fades in quickly then slowly fades out. This noise signal modulates the FM input of a Dixie II+. What you hear is the Dixie sine output - mostly noise, with a small high pitch component.

Percussion/Melody Vocal Thing

Synth Tech E350 into Grendel Formant Filter, bunch of modulation on both, mostly driven by a cirklon sequence with a sample and hold of an slow LFO into one of the E350 mod inputs.


Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas into Random*Source/Serge VCFQ, tempo synced envelopes into the various inputs

Vibrato Synth Line

Korg Mono/Poly

Distorted High Pitched Synth Line

Serge patch. I didn't keep notes but more or less an NTO vari-shape output into a triple wave shaper, FMed by DUSGs, high-passed through a VCFQ, into a ResEQ. More DUSGs as volume and FM envelopes

Softish Synth Line

Roland SH-101 into a big reverb

Thanks for listening thumbs up
Fog Door
This is pretty great, but all that patching for 3:25? I was just getting into it then . . . coitus interruptus wink But seriously, very good thumbs up
Muff McMuff
I like it, cool sounds.
Fog Door wrote:
This is pretty great, but all that patching for 3:25? I was just getting into it then . . . coitus interruptus wink But seriously, very good thumbs up

cheers Fog Door much appreciated.

I'm definitely guilty of cutting this one short. I wrote more than I used, then cut it short abrubtly. Hard to say why exactly, sometimes these things take on a ilfe of their own.
Muff McMuff wrote:
I like it, cool sounds.

thumbs up
Gringo Starr
Well done!
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